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Who We Are

Plymouth is proud to be a solid red wave in a sea of blue.

And while we may be a small town, we have big goals.

We're proud to call Plymouth home, and we're determined

to make it the kind of place that our kids can be proud of, too.

That means standing up against the left's lunatic policies,

electing people who are set on positive change,

and giving our time and efforts to the betterment of our beloved community. 

We stand for our flag.

We salute our vets.

We back the blue.

We're Americans and patriots and neighbors who all come together

for the common good of this town. 

We believe that God shed His grace on thee.

And we're thankful for the freedoms we have here.

Don't underestimate the small towns of the U.S.A. -

we are the backbone of this country.

And we're just getting started on making our voices heard.

Join us.


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